Orwada Integrated Farmers

Farmers for Farmers

Mission Statement


To support and improve sustainable agricultural development for small-scale farmers in rural and urban communities for women and men in Eastern-Uganda.



To integrate rural and urban small-scale farmers, strengthening and improving their capacities and stimulating them to organize themselves, and participate more in sustainable agricultural development.




Sustainability: We develop collaborations with diverse farmers to participate in entire project work, so that they own the project rather than considering it a charity. We involve stakeholders which include Local Councils (LCs, CBOs, NGOs) and government line departments to enhance impactful agricultural extension.


Empowerment: We empower small-scale farmers, the youths, women and men to develop equal rights with respect to environmental protection as they engage in farming activities in order to contribute to sustainable agricultural development.


Integrity: We respect people, irrespective of their status, traditions, beliefs and their ways of living in society. We always deliver quality on what we promise.


Hard work: We work hard in a team every day. Farmers deserve nothing less and we meet our goals by taking into account efficiency to avoid waste of resources.


Diversity: We are constantly promoting diversity in agricultural business models and activities. We bring farmers together as farmers’ families


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