Orwada Integrated Farmers

Farmers for Farmers

Many small-scale farmers lack knowledge and skills to improve more results of their land. Our services help farmers to acquire new ideas, knowledge and skills in farming practices, methods and policies. This enables them to play a key role to increase food production and food security and value addition to their produce.

Empowering women and men to develop self-esteem with respect to their farming activities to contribute to sustainable agricultural development.

Providing sustainable and cost-effective farming solutions that meet farmers’ needs and helping them solve their farming problems promptly.

Addressing gender issues in the agricultural extension trainings, so to keep women and men integrated and equal in their agricultural working farms.

Mobilizing rural and urban small-scale farmers, women and men, to form Cooperatives and Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs).

Training small-scale farmers to develop functional competencies in food security management, to eliminate inefficiencies in resource use.

Training small-scale farmers on environment and water management, to optimizing production and for realizing sustainable benefits from farming.

Training the youths to acquire necessary skills in order to get employment opportunities in farming and stimulating them to start entrepreneurships in agribusiness.

Coordinating agricultural research activities in cooperation with farmers, students (interns) and researchers both at local and international levels.

Seeking for new technologies such as greenhouses technology to improve farming practices and techniques to grow various vegetables and fruits.

Training the farmers on land management practices and linking farmers, so to interact more efficiently and positively with agricultural policy-makers.

Training the small-scale farmers on soil fertility management, rainwater harvesting methods, hygiene and sanitation and agro forestry practices.

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